4 Designs Available... These blankets are woven from 70% Recycled Wool, 30% Mixed Recycled Fibres. Our solution is to blend recycled wool with longer mixed fibres saved from landfill to create a soft and durable yarn, which is woven in a dense twill weave and brushed for texture. All the benefits of wool, in a sustainable blanket!


The blankets are in colour order below:


1. Buchanan Blue

2. Buchanan

3.Bannockbane Silver

4.Dark Maple


Size: 72cm x 190cm, including fringing
Care: Machine wash on wool cycle. Lay flat to dry

Our recycled wool blankets contain pre-loved fibres that may differ slightly in colour and design.

Recycled Wool Knee Blanket in Buchanan Antique Tartan

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