Updated: May 9

If you would like to up-cycle your own furniture then read on for our 6 step guide on how to get the most out of your project. I am on hand for advice every step of the way and can deliver paint to you.

Step 1. Clean the piece thoroughly and give it a gentle sand.

Step 2. Mask of any areas that you do not want painted and to give a clear edge around for example glass or mirror.

Step 3. Start painting, it helps to add a little water to the first coat of paint whether it is mineral or chalk paint

Step 4. Paint a few stars while you are waiting for the paint to dry.

Step 5. Choose handle/knob alternatives

Step 6. Finely sand and wipe between each coat of paint to get smoother finish, then apply 1 to 2 coats of wax and polish to a lovely soft sheen.

Clients photo - The brief - Up-cycle the clients dresser to allow it to sit comfortably in their new Kitchen. Colour chosen - Rustoleum 'Lilac Wine'.

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